Could we get an X on the Something Has Gone Wrong Lady?

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I am working from Africa.  My internet is really slow.  In the writing of this letter the little lady came up probably 25 times asking me to refresh because something has gone wrong.  The only choice is to push "refresh."  However, as slow as my internet is, the refresh takes a long time.  Since I would sometimes only write one sentence before she popped up again, this letter took almost 14 hours to complete. In the background behind the little lady, I can see the computer saying "saving" and then "saved."  If I hit refresh quickly, my material is not saved, but if I wait until it says "saved" then my material is all complete.  Since the only choice is to punch "refresh" I have to wait for the letter to refresh.   If we could get an X to close down the little lady once it says saved...maybe I could just keep on writing.  Could someone who know more than I do check that out?  It would really help.  

Love the new program!

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Thank you for the feedback @StevenP71411,


Would you be able to send us a screenshot of what you're seeing?  I'm not familiar with the message you're seeing.

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Tonight I am seeing her about every 4 or 5 minutes.  I have been writing this letter for three hours and I am cutting and pasting my text into the letter to keep my on line time to a minimum.  She says it can't be saved, but in the darkened area behind her, I can see it saying saving.... and then saved.  Here she is !Here she is !Here she is !Here she is !

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