Create a report of who opened multiple emails

It would really help to be able to run reports on the results of different campaigns. For example, we send out a newsletter monthly, I would like to be able to run a report on the past 3 newsletters and see who opened them each month. Cannot get that info now.

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Is there any way to download a list of contacts who have opened emails?  Having to look at each contact is not viable.  I would like to be able to select by date.  For example, see all the contacts who have opened emails in the past year.

I think it'd be beneficial to have this as a visible button on your page. I couldn't find it. I also think having the report in more than an excel sheet would be great. Its a lot easier to have a beautiful presentation. Places like mail chimp and hootsuite do a great job with their analytics function.
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Just overall there needs to be more options offered for reporting on multiple campaigns, as outlined by other commenters and in other ways as well. For instance, if the same link appears in multiple emails, it would be helpful to be able to see whether there are subscribers who click it often.

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Hi all. This is possible by creating a segment based on contact activity. We will now be closing this idea. Thank you!

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