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I want to remove contacts that have not opened my emails in over 12 months. Thanks, M

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Great news everyone! You can now get a did not open report for the last 90 days or over your last 500 campaigns, using our new segmentation feature. 

To create a segment, you will need to be on your contacts tab. In the sub tab on the contacts page, you should see the new option "segments".




Click "create segment" and you will be brought to the creation flow.


Segments page.png


Select the options of: ‘Did not open’ ‘any email’ 'in the last' and then '90 days'. You also have the option to select a custom timeframe going back 5 years. However, segments is only looking at the last 500 campaigns. If you have sent more than 500 campaigns in the last 5 years,it will stop when it gets to the 500th campaign.


Last 90 days:

Did Not Open segment.png

Last 5 years (500 campaign limit): 

Segment 5 years.png


Once you save and preview, save the segment to a list by clicking the three dots to the right of the segment name and selecting ‘Add to List’.




We recommend sending out a 'We don't want to say goodbye' email to your did not open segment to see who does and does not want to continue to receive your emails. Segmentation is still undergoing development so expect to see more functionality and exciting updates in the future. We hope you continue sharing your feedback as you try out our new segments feature!

Please find a way to make it easier to identify and delete contacts who haven't opened an email in the past 12 months. Right now I have to manually open each contact, review their activity, and then manually delete if they haven't opened one in 12 months.
I would love to see a report of all email addresses that bounced from every campaign - as well as a list of all email addresses that have not opened any campaign. Do those reports exist?
With over 3,300 emails on my list, I cannot manually track the people who are opening my materials. I want to be able to cleanse my list of people who are not reading my materials without having to manually review one email at a time.

I would like to be able to run a report that would tell me which of my contacts haven't opened certain emails.  Like a report that would tell me if a contact never opens our newsletter.  Or a list of contacts that hasn't opened an email in the last 3 months.  It seems like this report should be an option.  

Hello: What we need is to determine who isn't opening most if not all of our emails. Ideally, we would view all contacts and see the activity of each contact for ALL emails, collectively in one report. As it is we can only view who didn't open each individual email. This is not an option to determine who to remove as that would be MUCH too time consuming. But we have to do something as a large number of contacts are wasting spots. We are getting close to entering a new price range that we don't want to waste money on if we can remove contacts who aren't even reading our emails. There currently isn't a way to do this. If there was, it would be take mere minutes. As it is, we are looking at possibly weeks to review and compare each report for each email we send. Thank you
Somehow - Someway! There should be away to sort and display those address that have opened each campaign etc. Capturing those addresses would make all the difference to us in our campaign. Do you have that capability now? What am I missing? I would consider paying extra to get it.
I would like to be able to sort the list of contacts and remove those that have not opened the last 5, 10, or 15, or 20 emails. You have all the data on your site so it seems that this would be an easy sort function with an option to place those that do not open emails on a do not mail list. thanks, Gary
Our list is nearly 10 years old. With a list this aged, we are certain that a portion of our client emails are no longer being opened for various reasons such as the client no longer uses the listed email or the client has passed away. In order for us to accurately assess our statistics on our email marketing, I see a need for a way to be able to have a complied open rate report for the past year/2years etc so we can edit our list to better reflect our existing customers who we are marketing to. This way we could filter out or sequester emails that have not been opened in long periods of time. Thank you for your consideration.
It is easy to get a list of people who did not open 1 campaign. But we need a list of people who did not open any of the most recent 10 or 15 or 20 campaigns, and there is no way to get that. Please implement this feature.
I know that of all my contacts, there are some who have never opened them up. Is there a way for someone to send in a query, somehow ask for a list of people who have never opened the emails or who may have opened them up 5% of the time, some low figure? Now a person would have to go through the list one by one. Loren Elkin
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