Cumulative Did Not Open Report

I want to remove contacts that have not opened my emails in over 12 months. Thanks, M

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Great news everyone! You can now get a did not open report for the last 90 days or over your last 500 campaigns, using our new segmentation feature. 

To create a segment, you will need to be on your contacts tab. In the sub tab on the contacts page, you should see the new option "segments".




Click "create segment" and you will be brought to the creation flow.


Segments page.png


Select the options of: ‘Did not open’ ‘any email’ 'in the last' and then '90 days'. You also have the option to select a custom timeframe going back 5 years. However, segments is only looking at the last 500 campaigns. If you have sent more than 500 campaigns in the last 5 years,it will stop when it gets to the 500th campaign.


Last 90 days:

Did Not Open segment.png

Last 5 years (500 campaign limit): 

Segment 5 years.png


Once you save and preview, save the segment to a list by clicking the three dots to the right of the segment name and selecting ‘Add to List’.




We recommend sending out a 'We don't want to say goodbye' email to your did not open segment to see who does and does not want to continue to receive your emails. Segmentation is still undergoing development so expect to see more functionality and exciting updates in the future. We hope you continue sharing your feedback as you try out our new segments feature!

Occasional Participant

It would be extremely useful to be able to search contacts who have/haven't been active (opens/clicks) within a given time perios. ex, contacts who have not taken action within the last 1 month/6 months/1 year.

It would be great if in reporting we could get notification when an email subscriber has not opened any of our emails for a period of time ie 3 mos, 6 mos etc.
Need better more advanced reporting, including reports on contacts who have not opened emails in 30, 60 and 90 days.
Really need a report that is based on users, not campaigns. One that shows users who have not opened email in 30, 60 and 90 days increments.

Hi CC:


I would like to suggest adding reports that focus on contacts and  not campaigns. This would be an activity reporting showing all contacts who have not opened any email for 30, 60 and 90 days. This would greatly simplify tracking engagments.

There is a weakness with Contact reporting. We need contact reports that are NOT based on Campaigns. In other words, we should be able to go to Contacts and get a report of any contacts who have not opened a Campaign in 30, 60 or 90 days, as well as those who have never opened a Campaign. It's hard to believe these do not already exist, because they are just standard reports.

I would pay extra for this feature and I'll leave you if I can find it else where.  % of time an email address opens the campaign...  10 campaigns 9 opens 90%... 50 campaigns 10 opens 80%.  

Regular Participant

Frankly this should be a standard part of the service. If a "subscriber" doesn't open for a given # of mailings I should be able to easily access that info in Reports and delete if I choose to.

We would love to see increased reporting for the did not open list based on time periods (six months, a year) to better keep our list clean.
I need to clean up my contacts list. So it would be great to know which contacts never open our emails. Please add this feature ASAP!
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