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I want to remove contacts that have not opened my emails in over 12 months. Thanks, M

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Great news everyone! You can now get a did not open report for the last 90 days or over your last 500 campaigns, using our new segmentation feature. 

To create a segment, you will need to be on your contacts tab. In the sub tab on the contacts page, you should see the new option "segments".




Click "create segment" and you will be brought to the creation flow.


Segments page.png


Select the options of: ‘Did not open’ ‘any email’ 'in the last' and then '90 days'. You also have the option to select a custom timeframe going back 5 years. However, segments is only looking at the last 500 campaigns. If you have sent more than 500 campaigns in the last 5 years,it will stop when it gets to the 500th campaign.


Last 90 days:

Did Not Open segment.png

Last 5 years (500 campaign limit): 

Segment 5 years.png


Once you save and preview, save the segment to a list by clicking the three dots to the right of the segment name and selecting ‘Add to List’.




We recommend sending out a 'We don't want to say goodbye' email to your did not open segment to see who does and does not want to continue to receive your emails. Segmentation is still undergoing development so expect to see more functionality and exciting updates in the future. We hope you continue sharing your feedback as you try out our new segments feature!


So after 4 years this is finally a certified great idea???

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I had a chat to a nice one on one chat to a lady at CC who said it was a good idea but wouldn't happen. I sensed that they were fixated with how to sqeeze the most out of what the mail outs looked like, not how to manage the responses. I want to simply track at risk contacts and improve my opening rates through my 65% ceiling. I'd like a spreadsheet with opening performance against each contact. A simple, colour coded open, did not open, bounce box for each contact in columns say for 10 campaigns would be fantastic. 

Its about continouus improvement, not producing the best spam.


Status changed to: Certified Great Idea

Mailchimp has it, with a few click of the buttons, I can segment my list by people who haven't opened any of my previous 10, 15, or 20 campaigns.  The purpose of this is to clean the list and save us some money by lowering contacts that are not active. 



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Hi CC:


We need an easy "one button click," way of seeing contacts who have never opened an email. Either on the Contacts page or in the List Detail page we need a button that says, "Show Me Inactive Contacts." It's crazy that we don't have that yet. Also we shouldn't have to go through crazy email filter hoops to discover contacts who are driving up our cost because they have never opened a single campaign.



Rick Hall

This would be EXTREMELY helpful. All the info of who opened which email is available online, but the only way I can see WHO isn't opening at all, or who is opening certain subjects and not others can only be obtained by manually going through every campaign and marking on a sheet of paper who opened or who didn't. My email list is made up only of those who have purchased my product, and when I send emails to them, I'm providing a service of assistance so they can make better use of the product. When 2/3 don't open my emails, that's a problem; but I can fix it by calling them or sending a letter. I spent 6 hours yesterday manually creating a form and checking every email one-by-one. With this info, I can begin to address the problem of not getting through to those who aren't opening at all, or opening only a few. I think it would be very helpful to me many others if you could create this type of report.
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Thank you for the feedback @RogerW619,


While we don't have a tool that shows the overall 'did not opens', you do have the ability to look at who didn't open your email at the campaign level, and create a list of those customers.  The following knowledgebase article might help you do what you're trying to do:


Hope that helps, and I'll be submitting your feedback!


I agree. We have over 22,000 active users in our contacts. However, we have roughly 18,000 who don't open the emails. Would be nice to have a way to know who is continually not opening emails. This way we can change who we are targeting too and also not be charged for the emails that are not viewed.

I need a report that shows contacts who have not opened an email within a certain period of time. Preferably a choice but 6 months would work for us. This takes me a long time to keep our list under 500 by looking at each person before I delete!!
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