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In Canva, there is a section to create a brand kit that collects color palettes and fonts and logos into one place. When you are designing, those become easily clickable buttons. Having a feature like this for creating emails would save a TON of time.

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Hi @DavidW9978 are you looking for a feature that would keep this branded features in the build section of your templates? Or the ability to automatically pull your brand features into an email campaign?

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The branded template builder is 3rd party and useful when creating from scratch.  We tend to tweak older campaigns, refreshing with a new layout or look maybe once a year, so that the presentation of the monthly newsletter is somewhat consistent.  However we change images and color options based on the theme of the month (summer, halloween, 4th of July, etc).  What would be helpful is if there is a "branded" color and font & size option, so that you know when changing the color,  of a title bar for example, that it is part of your brand of defined colors.  Right now, we have to go to colors and type in the hex # to ensure it's the right one.  And the Design tab has no value because we're using a previously designed campaign - so changing anything in that design tab once you've created a copy, does not apply to the copied version - only if you add new blocks.  This forces us to have to manually change font colors and block colors every single time we edit a campaign created from a copy.  So having an option in the color selection and in the font & size selection be pre-populated or as a separate option to check, would save valuable time!  Canva does a good job of this by saving your branded colors and logos and having them as a tab to choose from when you want to change colors.

I agree with David. It would be extraordinarily helpful and save so much time. With the integration of Canva to be able to add graphic capability, mirroring the two platforms' functionality would be ideal. 

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We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect the status of the idea with our engineering team. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea but should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback it has been taken under consideration for a future release.


I agree! We are rebranding and have 23 different HEX numbers on our branded colors. Please add a feature to save a group of colors!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Please, please, please do this! Under the Design Tab would be a great place to put these materials, perhaps in library form; colors, logos, fonts, etc. Drag and Drop would be even better. I am the only person at our company who creates our email campaigns. I am also a quality Assurance Specialist, graphic designer, and visual marketer so taking an entire day to create 1 or 2 branded newsletters sometimes puts me behind on other duties, especially when I am trying to get newsletters out by a certain day or within a week. Adding these features would save me hours in a day! Please help us multi-tasking media specialists! Please do this!

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Seriously, this so SOOOOO overdue.


This should've been a built in asset from the start. To have a preset color palette for a brand instead of having to manually enter the hex codes all the time. Especially if a company has more than the allocated slots we currently have. Maybe in the meantime, add a 2nd row of recently used colors? That would save a TON of time for probably majority of your customers.

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Our Brand Kit has been introduced in accounts and you can easily upload your logo and custom colors! Select a new template that uses your brand palette or choose your saved colors when working in an email.

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