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Unless I am missing something, your landing pages seem to really only be forms? Can we actually create landing pages with information/graphics/etc... as stand-alones or even better with Forms embedded? We have had this ability with previous solutions and it is really important to us.

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Hi @MelissaI50 

Thank you for your feedback! You are correct, you can only create a sign up form through our landing pages. However, I would be interested in learning more about the types of landing pages you were hoping to see within Constant Contact. What are you looking to use these informational landing pages for? Would it be help to be able to add more text and graphics to the current landing pages we offer? 


Response from: @MelissaI50 

"Hi! Thank you so much for getting back to me on this. Yes, we were looking to create landing pages that would allow us to add text and ideally graphics, with the form embedded within the page (or not) Sometimes with our marketing efforts – we like to keep our emails shorter and then provide a link to a landing page where they can get more info and then sign up….. The more info landing page doesn’t always make sense to be a page on our website if it is for a specific campaign, so it would be incredibly helpful to be able to create these to support our eblast efforts. Here is an example:

It wouldn’t even need to be as design heavy as the one above – just needs to have the option to add customized text and graphics.

I think some other companies basically use the same editor that they use for eBlasts for their landing pages, then there is a separate Forms tab – where you build out the form just the way you have landing pages now – then the next step of the landing page editor would be to imbed the form of your choice (rather than options to send/schedule like with eblasts)…..

Let me know if this makes sense or if you would like any additional details."

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Hi @MelissaI50!

Thank you for your response and feedback, I have opened this idea up for voting from other Community users! 

Your forms are severely limited which is a surprise for a company like yours. There is currently no way to create something eye-catching with a photo, for instance. To automatically send a pdf or video as offered, it is a very convoluted process that a staff member took me through and I'm not even sure that it's working. You should be offering something similar to OptinMonster. Some of your competitors, such as Mailchimp is doing this. Do you have updates in the works?
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Great news! Custom landing pages are now available in Constant Contact. Advertise your services or promote an event without needing to create a full website. We will now be closing this idea.


That is great to have a custom landing page in Contact Contact rather than creating a website. It is going to help some clients. Keep it up Contact Contact!!

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