Customizable Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!

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There's some nice stuff in Contant Management now, BUT, the views are fixed. So for instance, I do an advanced search where country is not blank. Wonderful, I get a list in moments...and I can't see what the country is and nor can I alter the view, so I now have a list of contacts with Country set, but I have no idea what the countries are. Frustrating! Maybe a search field should be included in the view, certainly where you're selection an option like 'not blank'. Different if you say 'is x', but when 'not blank', it's obviously you're interested in what data you have...
I would like to be able to add the column of "birthday" to my contacts list. I would like to see the column when looking at my contacts list, rather than having to go into each individual account. Is it possible that I can create that column on my own and manage accordingly? I would also like to be able to manage by month of birthday so that I can stay on top of birthdays in each month.
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It would be great to be able to change out the Company or City/State view on the main screen to one of the Custom Fields that we create to see all at once. Those are the ones we use frequently and would be more beneficial to us instead of going into each individual contact. Sometime that would hopefully get updated in the future.
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It would be very beneficial to be able to adjust the size of columns and rows in the contacts section. Some of the information I use to create emails and lists relies on being able to see, in full view, a person's email or address. If there were a way to stretch the view, that would be very helpful! Thank you!!
I can only view Name, email, company, city,state on each contact. However, I want to include TAGS on some of my contacts and would like to have that info visible when scrolling thru main page, rather than having to look at individual names to see if any tags have been assigned.
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Being able to view Tags, or custom contact fields within Contact Management would help with sorting contacts. Right now there are only two view modes, and the difference is one shows Company and Location - the other shows Date Added and Source. We need the ability to use other types of viewing modes to better handle contacts (medium to small lists). This also helps to VISUALLY VERIFY that special contacts on a list are tagged correctly/have correct info, without clicking on the contact and having to go to an entirely new page.
Please consider the ability for users to create add'l columns in list management (e.g., Member / Non-Member, Title, Renewal Date, License, etc.) with flexibility to choose that which is appropriate for our organization. Thank you.
I have additional columns of information I would like to enter, but CC only allows me to have 5 columns set up. Is there a way to change this?
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