Customizable Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!

When I go to look at my contacts, I would like to see which email list they are on. Right now I have to click on the contact and go into their record to see which email lists they are on. I would like to be able to have that a column on the main view.
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i would like to see at a glance with the names. which list theyre on.
It would be very helpful if we could pick which 2 columns showed after name and email.
It would be nice if there was an option to sort by country, not just city/state.
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During the list of my contacts it would be great to be able to display my own columns. I like Company, Full Name, Email, TAGS but TAGS to be able to actively edit them. I need to identify the industry they are in or where I met them from a show. Having to enter them in one by one is painful.
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What is most important to me is to see the LIST the individual contact is in. There is no easy way to see that except by drilling down. Can you CHOOSE which columns show up on the main Contact screen?
ability to choose the columns displayed
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How can I add "WEBSITE" column to my view of "CONTACTS"
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Why can't one see the field of phone numbers and number of opens and number of emails sent on the group page? It takes too long to go thru contact by contact, and then it doesn't go back to where one was at on the list!
Occasional Participant
The important info I need to see when accessing who is reading our stories when scanning down these pages is not either of the 3 you do show (name, email, time), but the one thing you used to show before changing the site again was the COMPANY. This is really THE most important piece of data needed, and you all eliminated it with the last update. Why? The page has plenty of white space on both the left and right. Why can't we at least select what fields we want showing. This is really annoying.
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