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Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!

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When attempting to upload contacts, the sample that is visible in the upload process is showing column headers that do not align with the sample data. I cannot choose an appropriate field in Constant Contact without knowing which is the correct field from my file.
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Email lists should be sorted by their number that is assigned to them! - Thanks!
We use this to contact people by phone as a follow up. Exporting to a spread sheet is cumbersome. Thx
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Thanks for posting. Can you tell me more about what information you are adding with the contacts? You can reorder the lists by last name by clicking in the header information.
to view list of people of who opened campaign by time and unique opens
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I very much dislike the new layout and columns you can view. It should be customizable with what each individual user would like to see.
Right now, you have 2 options - Source and city and state are of no use to me. Can you add drop down window for us to select what we NEED to see? That would be GREAT! Thanks.
Because I want the company to show instead of the date
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When you moved my contact info to this new system in some instances it was moved showing the first name or last name in the name column and then the first or last name in the "company" column. Since I don't use "Company" at all I know that it was your conversion. I do not have the time to go in and "fix" all of these!!!

Hello Tawanna -


There is a current issue we are in the process of looking into, it involves importing excel files with blank fields with the actual excel file you are importing.
If you are using a xls or xlsx, please try converting it over to a csv file and import using that file type,  you should notice that contact fields remain intact and wont move around.


If you have any further questions please DM me!



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