Customizable Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!

when you switched to new method it duplicated all my contacts. Also starts at END of alphabeth??? If there is no name to go with business name the email doesn't display business name just email which makes it difficult to match up. Very much preferred old set-up!!!
New contact tool needs some updates. I'd like to be able to have the option to see and sort on more data fields in the view. Right now you only give limited choices. Also, when I 'remove' contacts from a list that does not necessarily mean I want them 'opted-out' or unsubscribed. Those folks didn't unsubscribe, they bounced for some reason that we are trying to determine. It appear you are not opting the out? Thanks.
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Just trying to post this in takes toooo long!
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I created an excel spread sheet to import and the labels at the top of my spread sheet are the ones I want to see when I import. I created them because they have information that will allow me to sort my contacts to the correct list. I would like to move contacts to another list but I cannot view my imported label without clicking on every single individual person! I do not use "city, state" it is a wasted space for my needs and I am stuck with it. I am really trying to work with your "new layout" but this is the second negative feedback report I have had to take the time to write. Now I am going to call to see if someone in customer service can help and they will ask me to write a feedback report.
The Choose Your View gear icon needs to provide a much, much larger selection of options. Neither of these offered options serves my purposes. Or make it customizable.
My government contacts have very long company names (nearly all the 50 allowed characters). Why is the column with Company Name in 'My Contact' so freakin small? It looks ridiculous and makes finding what you're looking for very hard. I have these huge rows of words broken in half covering 5 or 6 lines. Not letting the user adjust column width is just wrong.
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Can I sort by DATE - the way I've used CC it for past 4 years? New Default is Alphabetical which I always hoped would happen - but not at expense of Chronological DATE sort. Need both... and while you're at it, how about sort by SIZE, too?

I don't really need to see "Company", for instance, but I do need to see a custom field. Allowing us to choose which fields we can see would be very helpful.
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I do not use the default field names that are on the form. I need to be able to see other fields, i.e., we do our mailings by counties and regions. I need to be able to select that to insure that all areas are listed before I mail out an announcement.
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Please note that when I scan a report for Unique opens after an email is sent out, the Company name of the recipient does not show on the list.
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