Customize language on event landing page/form

I am working in Colombia. The registration reports and emails come to us with strange characters for letters with accents on vowels and the tilde on n's. I have requested that you work on this a couple of times before. Please see what you can do. Many Thanks, Carol Zahner, Bogotá, Colombia


Hi @CarolZ5 

Thanks for posting. I know this is a known issue that we're looking more into. I'll keep you updated!


Has there been any update on this. I have no problem with the e-mails but when we share to facebook the accent marks appear with a "?"


Unfortunately I do not have any update at this time. This issue has been submitted to our engineering team for a resolution.


Hi, development team!


I use the product from Italy, where we have specific rules about privacy settings. The option to subscribe to the newsletter, displayed in the registration form, must be unchecked as default action in Italy.

Moreover, I need to have the fileds labels and the footer text to be editable (as in the sign-up tool), using Italian.

Thanks for yr support and for yr helpful chat service (case #17588198).

Have a nice day,


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We are an Spanish company using C.C. intensively.

We suffer from the same problem when creating Events:

- The Registration Form supports accented letters and special latin characters (such as É, á, ó, ñ, ç, ¿, ¡ ). These are extremely common and imprescindible in Spanish.

Preview of Registration form: OK

- BUT the Landing Page -created automatically out of the registration form- does not support these characters: Instead an strange symbol is displayed, what makes a horrible and unreadable appearance.

Preview of Landing Page: NOT OK


This is a very severe issue that makes C.C. unusable for the Event management, our customers will have a bad experience and our reputation affected.


I have not seen any support note that suggest possible workarounds.

It is possible that selecting certain Fonts or by the usage of specific HTML commands there could be a temporary solution.

Can you please help?

Thanks a lot in advance

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Please treat this as an urgently needed function!

Converting the text to unicode for subject line (as suggested by support team) also does not work.  Mail is delivered as unicode characters.

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Update? Has this been resolved. I need to use an accent for a proper name. Accent and special characters are very common. It would be useful to have a straight forward way to use them.


The option to use Spanish language buttons and instructions in the event registration forms would be so useful. 

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