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Delete Account

I have tired to delete and cancel my account. I have not found any way to do this. Sneaky!

Heavy handed practices just like their other business, Hostgator. Trying to cancel my account but they make it very difficult. 

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Hi @BetterlivingMidAtlantic


If you would like to cancel your account, our billing support team can assist you with that. They are only available by phone, and their contact information is available here:


Have a great day!

Rob L.


Used Constant Contact for work and for our 40th reunion email campaigns and when I discontinued monthly email service because it was no longer needed I was told I would have access to my account information (contact lists and email campaigns) for 60 days after deactivating.  This was a LIE!  Not only did they deactivate my account prior to the "paid up to" date, they cut off all access to my information.  If I want my contact list and campaigns, they want another $20.  Essentially holding my info for ransom.  I don't appreciated lies and under-handedness towards non-profits and will be discontinuing my use moving forward.  I will also be cancelling my accounts used for work and encouraging others to do so.  Constant Contact has become too greedy and selfish!


They take our credit card 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Then, to cancel, you have to get them during their personal business hours, punch a bunch of buttons and wait. This is the worst customer service I have seen in the last 10 years or more. A sucking black hole of hateful customer service to cancel your account. 

If you can take your customers money 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, then you should not punish them to stop paying you. 


HATEFUL Constant contact







Hello @JamesL0497,


We're sorry to hear Constant Contact is no longer a good fit for you. We appreciate your time and want to assist you with your request. We have submitted a case to our Billing department to process the cancellation. This request can take up to 24 business hours to process. It is possible that Billing might need to reach out to you to review the request so we ask you confirm that your contact information is correct in your account. If you require faster assistance or have questions about your billing, please call our Billing team as we are not able to discuss account billing here in the Community. Thank you.


You  might not realize this -- but many of us have tried... numerous times to cancel our accounts.  Phone contact is not necessary and your team is not answering anyway.  I have tried numerous times.  So here are the options.  Cancel it now... or I will do it in a way you will not like.  I have tried over and over to contact you by phone which is painful and endless... and it appears that you have no intention to answer or you have 1 person answering per million.  If I wanted to sign up -- it would be easy... and produce money for your company.  Since I want to cancel.... after many years of not using your services and still paying... that is over.  I will end this account - preferably with your help.  If not-- whatever I need to do.  Thank you for your service.  


just modify your credit card info so the card on file gets declined>>, you can't make a phony card number, ( there is a formula all credit card numbers must "add-up" to a legit card), so change your security code or expiration date 

Campaign Contributor

a consultation if what you need is to suspend changing the account, and change the credit card information, this will not generate charges next month? or the method of invoicing is if I send a campaign?


This company is horrible to deal with, making it impossible to cancel your account. I will advise colleagues to stay away. 



Please canceal my account. Not required this services. This service too much expensive. I called your customer care but no one response on hold it 30 minutes. 

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