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Delete contact from within the contact profile

It would be nice to be able to delete or remove the contact while on the screen that reflects the contacts details.

Campaign Collaborator
When I tried to delete contact from my Bounce list, it removed the person's email address, but not her name/profile. Why would I want a person's name/profile to still exist in my lists? If you're going to make me keep her name in my lists, at least give me an option to delete just her email, or her entire profile.
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Hi Sarah, I apologize for the confusion. It sounds like you are using the trashcan icon to delete which will only remove the email address. Instead, check off the contact from the bounce list and use "Remove Emails" to delete the entire contact.
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Should have a way to remove a contact from that contacts info page.

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The steps I take to remove bounces 1. view the bounce list 2. click on each person 1 by 1 3. On each persons's page look up the history 4. if the emails have been bouncing due to "undeliverable" for more than a period of time (I use 3 months of bounces) delete the contact. BUT THERE'S NO DELETE BUTTON ON THIS PAGE. SO ONE HAS TO GO BACK TO THE CONTACT LIST, REMEMBER THE CONTACT'S NAME, AND DELETE THE CONTACT THERE. PLEASE ADD A DELETE BUTTON TO THE CONTACT'S INFORMATION PAGE, SO THAT USERS WHO WANT TO REVIEW THE HISTORY BEFORE DECIDING WHETHER TO DELETE A BOUNCE CAN DO IT THERE. THEN YOU CAN GO BACK TO THE LIST AND SEE IT'S CROSSED OFF AND REALIZE YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHECK THAT ONE AGAIN.
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Hi Sue,

Are you looking to delete a contact from within the contact details? If so, you can delete the email address:

11-18-2013 1-34-12 PM.jpg

but the contact would still exist in your account. In order to remove the entire contact you will need to check them off from the list view and use delete. 

i am trying to delete contacts that keep bouncing. I've tried three times today, but they keep appearing. Can you please let me know how to delete contacts i don't want to keep? thanks, tanya
see above
I like that you can see if a contact is opening your newsletter or has not over a period of time. It would really help if we could delete the contact after we click on the individual contact. in other words- I am on the individual contact page and see that they have not opened the last 5 emails. There should be a button to delete that contact from my list on that page.
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