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Does it seem technologically backward to anyone else that Constant Contact does not provide an option to deliver content securely?


I've just wasted 1/2 my afternoon on the phone trying to get a secure permalink to our emails so we can embed them in our website. We recently moved to a 100% secure site (full https for ever page on our domain), and our newsletters stopped working. Adding an 's' to 'http' didn't work, and after speaking with 2 individuals at Constant Contact support, who each spoke to "their technical support", I was told it can't be done. What?? I can't imagine we're the only one's wanting this. And I can't imagine how this hasn't come up before.


So, my suggestion, or "idea", is to enable delivery of content over a secure connection. Make those short URLs ( work with https.



Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the feedback!


I am happy to share your feedback with our development team.  The short URL is generated through and my understanding is that since that is not a CTCT domain it can't be passed securely. 

I'm going to share this feedback and open up your idea for voting.

when I gather the short url link that points to my finished campaign it give me an unsecured link (http://....). I need these to be secure please (https:// ....). thank you.
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Thanks for the suggestions! We've implemented a change and the short URL's are now served over https://.

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