Didn't know to click + sign when choosing a list on schedule page

I find that your new interface for selecting lists for emails is very counter-intuitive. When my account first switched over the tutorial did not automatically pop-up. I had no idea that I could type in the box to get a list or that clicking the "+" icon would drop down my lists. Initially it just seems like that box is only for typing in a new email to add to a list by clicking the "+" button (because the box does say "add to email list"). Since I saw no lists I thought there was a problem and that they were gone. Additionally, it causes the user to mouse back and forth several times across the screen. I have to click the "+" on the right, select my list on the left (our company has so many lists that I cannot remember what they are all called, so I need to see the full list), then click apply on the right, then click save on the left. You should really have considered that in your new design.


Thanks for sharing this feedback! I am sorry to hear of the confusion but your thoughts are appreciated for future improvments. 


It use to be quick and easy, now there are several extra steps. Apply and Save should be one step. The old way was more efficient. 

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I agree. Part of the issues that I see also include the following:


1) Before, it could be accomplished entirely using the mouse - two quick clicks, essentially as the original poster implies; now I *have* to switch to the keyboard. This could be remedied by always showing the entire list. That's why it worked well before.


2) If I must switch to the keyboard and search, then at least make the search a "contains"-type vs the current "begins with". Now, not only do I not get to see the entire list, I have to know exactly what I named it.


3) I'm also still annoyed that the ordering option I had before is gone, so the lists I want to see at the top are not at the top.

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I agree completely and now with the new sign up form which is a button people don't have the option which mailing list they want to sign up for. This is very unprofessional looking and causes confusion to the end user as well as to us

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Hi Everyone,


We're happy to announce that we implemented a new schedule page that should resolve the confusion here!

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