Display which images and documents are being used in campaigns

I could delete sooo many images from the library, if I knew WHICH version of a photo was actually used in an email. Every time I edit a photo a new image is added to the photo library and I don't have time to delete older versions at the time I am writing emails because I am pressed for time, but I would love to go back and delete images that never appeared in an email. A feature such as some kind of highlight of images actually inserted in a newsletter would help REMOVE sooo much memory being taken up by unused images - that should be a HUGE bonus for you if everyone could do some housekeeping in their images.


I agree with this!  It is super annoying you cannot overwrite an image if you make a change. It uploads a new file every time.


I agree with others above. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the feature in the Image Library that shows whether or not (and how many times) an image has been used in an email. It's needed very badly so we can organize our library and know which images are unused and can be deleted.used in email screenshot.jpg

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