Download CSV not working

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Unable to download CSV, and should show the amount they purchased or what they purchased.
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Hey @HollyG42310, thanks for sharing this with us. When you try to download the CSV what are you experiencing? Is the button unresponsive? 


If clicking the button doesn't initiate a download, could you tell me what browser you're using as well as the version? You can find this by going to

I have tried using both Safari and FireFox web browsers on Mac OS Mojave. Neither seem to work to download the CSV. The download initiates and then fails on both browsers. I have had this problem with multiple events that I scheduled. The number attendees at the event are not very large - just 15 people.

Firefox 66 on Mojave.

Safari 12.1 on Mojave.

-3rd party cookies disabled

-Cookies enabled

-Javascript enabled

-Java and Flash are not installed.

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This was a system issue with downloading event reports that was fixed after the original post. If anyone comes across this post and requires assistance, please post on our Get Help page.

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