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When setting up the registration portion of an EventSpot, in the section with the question of "Can registrants bring other people", if you select yes, you're prompted with another question "What should these people be called in your event materials". You're permitted to "Enter Your Own" instead of selecting from the drop-down, but the word "Information" is included and there's no way to remove this word. So whatever you write is followed by the word "Information" (e.g. "Additional Children Information"). Wish that weren't the case.
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Great feedback, thanks for posting!

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Hello @CommunicationWorks


Thank you for passing along this feedback.  You can remove the word "Information" from the registration form by editing the Form and changing the section label.  


This is available in the last step of the event set up when creating your event or by editing a live event.  You will want to click to Edit Fields under Customize Registration Form.  



Then down the left hand side go to the last section (this is typically the guest information).  You can then change the Section Label and remove the word "Information"


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