Easy way to identify highly engaged contacts while viewing lists

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This option will help Visual people identifyt 'top tier' readers better when viewing main list.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @TeresaL. If we were to put some kind of identifier of a segmented contact, would this only be for the most engaged contacts? What other way do you use segments to identify your contacts that would be useful to sort in a list form?

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When someone unsubscribes who has been high engagement it would be good to know. .. for ex. if they changed jobs and the new person unsubscribed.  Overall I think it would motivate me on a psychological level to get everyone in the 'most engaged' segment.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for clarifying @TeresaL. I'll open the idea up for voting. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. While our Segment tool highlights those contacts who are engaging with your campaigns, the status does not carry over to the contact list view. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Thank you for the idea. At this time, this idea is not our on roadmap. If there are plans to reconsider bringing this functionality into the segment tool, we will share them here.

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