Edit or Delete Notes

Is there a way that you can go back and edit or add to a note? If not, this is something I would recommend you trying to modify. Often we spell things wrong or would like to add additional information to a given note. Thanks so much!

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I saw this topic discussed a few years ago... It would be really nice to be able to edit the notes section in a contact. (like you can do in Asana) Thanks!
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keep up with the technology - updates... Give NOTES ability to edit and/or delete. Add Contact, put phone/email/address in 1 box for faster load, & edit . Confirm receive on Engagement. Lots of room for improvement. Be more than just a filing system.

I ran a search test using information in the "notes" on 3 Contacts. The results were negative and I wanted to delete the note, but I cannot do so. Now, I have 3 contacts with useless and somewhat random info in their 'notes'. I would like for the notes to be editable and/or removable so I can clean up these contacts.

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Wow, I'm late to this train! This was being discussed as far back as 2013?? Six years later, no change? It seems like such a rudimentary no-brainer feature!

I agree this is a necessity. Leaving us without the option to manage our contact notes cultivates bloat, muddying the waters with a confusing information-hierarchy (paving the way for potential administrative errors), wastes time due to said confusion and clogs up the screen. New admins attempting to use the system, or who inherit it, need a clear and professional path of logged documentation, not to stare at a stack of notes and decipher which ones are relevant. It's never a good idea to 'immortalize' obsolete information. (At the very least, if you *must* keep it for some reason, then 'retire' it to a personalized 'Note Archive' or something--get it off the screen--anything but leaving it enshrined right in the Contact area, untouchable.) My two cents.

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This is basic functionality to allow us to track correspondence with contacts besides email.  I would like to completely cancel Salesforce and use Constant Contact exclusively but not having this option keeps me from doing so.  I see this has been requested for over 5 years, please add this functionality.


I am a new user to Constant Contact. I can't believe you cannot delete a note. 

It seems to be something easily resolved. Please make it a priority. I see requests for this from 2014 ! 

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There seems to be no way to edit or delete an old note. I use the notes a lot--it's very helpful! But there are sometimes things that I've put in that are incorrect, so I have to put in another note. Worse, there have been times when something was put in that is a little too personal, and should be taken out, but I can't.
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Please, please fix this issue - it would seem a simple idea that many of us are requesting - being unable to delete or edit a note is not an ideal situation. 


+1 on the this one. Seems like a simple request, and would be very helpful. 

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I would just like to add my vote to being able to delete notes. I was cleaning up some bad data and found a small number of contacts with garbage notes (like the name of the company which is now in the company field). I would love to be able to delete these old/stale notes.

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