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We like the idea of a coupon but need to change the denomination from dollars to pounds and can't find any where to do that. Any clues?
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Why can't trackable coupons be added to Newsletters?
My boss often asks me to make an email. I use Newsletter as it is the most customizable. Then when I am done, he decides to add a coupon. So I have to remake it. Twice. As the Coupon and Coupon Email use the same template but it can't be copied over, which it should do automatically. The inability to edit the email before the coupon is finalized is also annoying.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

We've done away with the separate trackable coupon campaign type. It was determined that this worked much better as a block type within a regular email campaign. We've implemented coupon action blocks which allow for the denomination to be changed and allow them to be added to an email, which covers both comments in the post in this case. Thanks for the feedback!

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