Editing mobile view of landing page

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How do we edit or fix how the information/images are seen when shared thru social media or mobile view.



Hi @AliM30


What edits are you looking to make? You mentioned the information/images shared through social media, are you looking to edit a published social post? If so, at this time it is not an available feature. We would however be happy to track this feedback on your behalf. The workaround we suggest in the meantime is to edit the post through the social platform directly. If this is not the edits you're looking to make please let us know!

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Hello Frankie, 


We made an Event with a registration form. However, upon sharing the Landing page link by mobile/Whatsapp/messenger, the mobile view of it is messy. 


Hi @AliM30


What about the mobile view of your event registration do you find messy? Currently when a contact views a registration page for an even through a mobile device it is the mobile enhanced view that displays. So any further details of changes you would like to see or make is helpful information for us to track!

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