Email Reports not showing what type of device

The email reports used to show what percentage of people viewed the email on a computer vs viewing it on a tablet/phone. Can you please add that back in?
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Before we upgraded to the "new" interface, we were able to track mobile vs. desktop open rates for each campaign. Now, the functionality has been removed and replaced with an average over the last 50 campaigns. That is NOT helpful!!!
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why, oh why, did you change a good thing?! It's harder to find all my emails now and I can't find the % opens via mobile/desktop by campaign. It used to be on the main page and now it's not. Also, when I'm editign an email, it's now only taking up 1/2 the screen. Annoying. Please fix these issues.
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Agree. Is it the newness or is it that the changes are not intuitive from the user side.  Doesn't make any difference if it make the job more difficult or frustrating.

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I agree - where did the devide distrubtion data go? I report on this to my stakeholders, and now I don't have that info anymore.

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Hello @ModernShoe!


Thank you for providing your feedback! Currently, we offer the desktop vs. movile open rates on your Reporting tab for the 50 most recently sent campaigns. We are tracking a feature request to bring this back to individual campaigns. We will open this thread up for voting to get more tracks!


Different email campaigns target different customers/demographics so it is helpful to see what the desktop vs mobile open percentages are for each campaign.

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The upgrade removed mobile and desktop open data for each campaign, only showing it as an overall. This is a problem and needs rectified immediately.
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Yes, removal of our data is unacceptable. It's fine to change the interface, but removing a key reporting metric doesn't bode well for the platform.

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When you originally update Constant Contact, we could see who opened each email by either mobile or desktop. This feature is very helpful in how we create our campaign and our target marketing.


Please reinstate this feature.


Thank you.

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I would like to see the percentage of mobile vs. desktop for those who clicked.

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