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Dear ConstantContact, 


You seem to no longer publish an actual email address for which your paying subscribers can contact you directly; now there is this "idea" forum and "community". Along with your tedious new automatic robotic, automated telephone system, now we are required to submit "ideas" instead of just sending you a private direct email. Why does CC continue to create more distance between your team and your subscribers?


I am writing with a complaint that I have voiced many times and seldom have received a reply:


Please stop subjecting paying subscribers to unwanted and, in my opinion, unnecessary, pop-ups and teasers and other extraneous message content. We should have an option to opt out, as paying subscribers. Yet your company stubbornly refuses to offer this and, indeed, even to acknowledge the very existence of this ever-growing barrage of uwanted "messages". 



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As part of our updated feedback statuses, we are updating this idea as Acknowledged. While we recognize the desire for alternate forms of support, past offerings of email support created long turnaround times and frustration over issues that could not be resolved over email, and customers would need to call our Support department. There is also the issue of account security to ensure we are talking to a verified account user. This is not something we can do over email.


At this time, we do not have plans to include email support. Should we hear any updates in the future, we will post them here.


For account assistance, please call or chat with our Support team.


I find today that I can't use a previous campaign email to edit to use for this month.  How do I find my own template to start a new newsletter......Dec. 1 is fast approaching!  Thanks.


Considering i am from Africa, the chat doesnt work, and i have emailed, recieved no response on an urgent issue, does CC actually require me to go buy hundereds of Kwatcha of airtime to simply allude to the fact that tjeor system is causing a massive problem that only they can sort out.. b3cause no chat group is going to be able to sort my issue out.. this is purely CC tech support that can sort my issue out..

So, how long does one have to wait for CC to get back regarding urgent issues? 48 hours not enough?


I want to send you a statement of my requirements for web site support.  That is, I am offering you business.

If you want my business, reply to me at , and give me an email where I can converse with you.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @DavidG5253 though email is not a line of support we currently offer, we would be happy to collect any feedback you may have directly on this post. We're always open to ways we can better our user's experience. How can we assist with the level of support you wish to receive?

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for the love of god






Campaign Collaborator

Please offer an email address for Customer Support!

After resending this message to I got this reply: 


You will note that neither your Chat service (I tried that) or Phone service is offered when I am attempting to share this information that I thought you would want to know!  I have always found your customer service to be the absolute best for all the years I have subscribed to your service, but the ability to simply send you this information is unbelievable.  I don’t do Twitter nor do I think you would want this info displayed publicly elsewhere. Now I will try the as that was recently the return address for a customer support person helping me on a daytime phone call.


1st Question- I compiled this message below as a courtesy to make you aware of what looks like glitch in your system.  Then I went on your Help page looking for an email address to send this to.  Why do you make your support email address impossible to locate??  After looking in all the possible categories, I ended up frustrated and finally searched through my old incoming emails and only then found a survey sent from!!


After logging in and clicking on “Contacts” I got this screen:





I clicked on “Learn More” and get this error screen:







When click on “Contacts” as highlighted on this screen-






It then takes me to this error screen:





Do you prefer this type of embarrassing info be posted on a public site?  Why can't an email company offer an email address and handle emails in their own customer support? 🤔   Please offer an email address for Customer Support!  



I am having a hard time finding the email address that I should be using to get assistance. You are an email company right? That is supposedly your whole reason for existence. It should not be this difficult to find out where to send an email to get help.


I don't like that I cannot email a problem to support. I do not want to search all the crap or watch tutorials. Thats me doing your job. I cannot always call support. Emailing should be quick and intuitive. 

really sad to see such poor feedback loop where customer is unable to get response on billing queries.

I'm too busy in meetings to interact with a live chat or phone call. I'd prefer if you offered a way for customers to submit an email (and get a reply).


Just sayin'.

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