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Dear ConstantContact, 


You seem to no longer publish an actual email address for which your paying subscribers can contact you directly; now there is this "idea" forum and "community". Along with your tedious new automatic robotic, automated telephone system, now we are required to submit "ideas" instead of just sending you a private direct email. Why does CC continue to create more distance between your team and your subscribers?


I am writing with a complaint that I have voiced many times and seldom have received a reply:


Please stop subjecting paying subscribers to unwanted and, in my opinion, unnecessary, pop-ups and teasers and other extraneous message content. We should have an option to opt out, as paying subscribers. Yet your company stubbornly refuses to offer this and, indeed, even to acknowledge the very existence of this ever-growing barrage of uwanted "messages". 



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As part of our updated feedback statuses, we are updating this idea as Acknowledged. While we recognize the desire for alternate forms of support, past offerings of email support created long turnaround times and frustration over issues that could not be resolved over email, and customers would need to call our Support department. There is also the issue of account security to ensure we are talking to a verified account user. This is not something we can do over email.


At this time, we do not have plans to include email support. Should we hear any updates in the future, we will post them here.


For account assistance, please call or chat with our Support team.


For off hours, it would be nice to be able to email customer support with an issue so that it can be addressed first thing on Monday with either an email back or a phone call.

Status changed to: Voting Open

HI @DanP.

Thanks for posting. We have removed Email Support as an option for contacting support. This was in an effort to get you the best answer using the fastest method. I apologize that this change hasn't worked out for you. Have you tried using chat support for help? Phone support is also available. 


We do ask that you post any feature requests or feedback here so that we can allow other people to vote on ideas in this forum where our product teams are able to interact with you. It is optional and if you are looking for support you can post in another area here so our support team can jump in.  


Thanks again for posting. 

Campaign Contributor

i think you should use email for customer support, otherwise it is a big inconvenience.

Campaign Contributor

What happened to email support? I don't need an immediate answer, but may nt be able to go online tomorrow when you are open to query. The email questions I had in the past were answered in a timely fashion and I appreited it.


Campaign Contributor

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reinstate email help. Before we could get help at any hour of the day - a simple email sent when the problem was encountered, often at night, and within 24 hours got a response. Now this is very inconvenient for those of us who are not at our desks when you are open, particularly those of us on the West Coast. 11 p.m. in NY is only 8 p.m. here - and I'm usually not working on CC until after that,


The instructions for email-verification problems begin:

"You should:
1) Write an email to our customer support team."


So maybe deleting this option was premature? It would make more sense after you fix some of the bugs that are provoking the high levels of email.  For example: when an email verification doesn't work, there is no way to send another verification email, or to delete the request & try again.  


Also: the wepay linkage is terrible: there's no support information or contact info available via the wepay site (not in the crippled version, which I was switched to when I connected my account to you).  However, the settlements are in eternal "pending" status, and the wepay "add user" feature is 100% broken.

Marketing Expert

I agree with those who have posted above. I resent the "idea forum/community." I especially resent the "badges" that I receive, as if I were a Girl Scout. Really. I pay for a service and need support. I also need an opporutnity to voice complaints. As small business people, we know we would never treat our customers this way. 




I would love it if you guys offered email support, in addition to phone support. I tried looking, but maybe I just missed it. This would allow us to get our requests written and sent when it's convenient for us, but you guys could read them and respond when you come back from the weekend, being more convenient for you as well.


Thank you!


Do you not offer email support? I can find no mention of this on your web site. Look into email--it's the wave of the 1990s!


It would be great if we could email a support issue or question to ConstantContact support. There is not even a contact form on your website. It would be easier for you and us if we didn't have to wait until your hours were open and you were able to answer support calls. Just a thought.

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