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Would be great to be able to embed a simple form within an email so no clicks redirecting to another page (web or landing).

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Hi @ColbyS 


Are you looking to embed a contact sign-up form in your emails? Would these emails be sent through Constant Contact or an outside email program?

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Frankie, thanks for asking. I'd love a signup form (or update with recognized email) where the user could click among 5 check boxes of interest within the email. (For use in both a regular email or a Newsletter). And yes, both of those would be coming from Constant Contact.

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This is a neat idea, that we're opening up for further comments. I'm not sure if it's technically feasible since emails allow for much more limited code than your standard webpage, but we'd love to hear some use cases to see what we can do.

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Please add the ability to embed Google Forms directly into a Constant Contact email so that the form can be completed without having to go to another website. This functionality is available in several other email services. Thanks.

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Embedding a form in a Constant Contact email is essential - whether it's a survey, sign-up, or the like - not a button or a link. This is something an email marketing product should have, no doubt.


You really should be able to embed a form, not have a click through to a form. That's an extra, unnecessary click. If CC going to add this feature? 


Just to reiterate what has already been requested: I really need to put a Google form directly into my email. I can currently send a form in an email from my gmail account. (Not a link to the form, but the form itself.) Is this possible in CC? 


Here is an example from my g-suite email. The SUBMIT button is at the bottom of the email, and the user can submit directly from email: 



Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thanks for all of your input! We've updated the status of this idea to Acknowledged. This means our product teams are aware of the request. While the feature request is not being actively discussed at this time, if we hear any updates, we'll post them here.

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