Emojis in the subject line

What are your plans for allowing emojis to be included in subject lines?

It's ridiculois that this is even a topic of debate in 2017. It's  one that ConstantContact will surely regret having irritated users deliberating for so long. Been with CC for 8+ years now (2 businesses/accounts) and never considered switching services, but this combined with some other headaches have left me ready for a change this year, unless they can keep up with the competition. Maybe these emojis of me riding off into the sunset will get their attention: 🌅🏇

Hi do you plan to support Cyrillic characters for email subjects? thx

When sending an email campaign, it would be extremely helpful if we had the option to import the person's first or last name into the suject field for a personalized email.  I feel this would increase the open rate even further.  Please let me know if this is a possibliity.  





Time to evolve CC! I would love to use emjois in the subject lines. 


 Please add emojis to the subject line for emails.  I tried to add a couple today to my autoresponder as I noticed my competitors are doing it.  Now I'm at a disadvantage.   A picture is worth a thousand words.  If someone sees an emoji, they immediately recognize what the content will be about without even having to read the words (which for some people, takes longer).  It's a great way for people to sift through the numerous emails for the day.  Anyway, that's how I use them.  They're eye-catching and definitely increase the open rate.  And smiley faces make people feel good!  Please add if possible - even if just for the autoresponders.  If people are sending the reminder notification and all customers have opted in, there shouldn't really be a spam problem (except for people who are senile and can't remember they signed up for your emails and in that case, maybe the little emoticons will help jog their memory).  Thanks for your consideration! :smileyhappy:

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There is legitimate proof that emoji's in subject lines are becoming more and more effective. In fact, the use of emoji's and how it increases your engagement and opens has increase over 400% since last year. This is something that should be added for CC marketers to have the opportunity to utilize exactly what is trending and works right now!


After seeing SO many emails with Emoji in subject lines it really is frustrating that we are unable to do the same. Please add this feature!!!!!

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Anu update on being able to have emojis in the subject line?


Need emojis. ASAP. Is this even on the roadmap? 


The new editor is uncapable of correctly rendering accented characters in the subject line. Accents are fundamental in many languages, such as spanish, french, portuguese, the germanic and slavic languages, and so on. We cannot correctly write without them.

This is a major correction that need to be done quickly, as any new campaign now opens with the new editor. I cannot keep on making copies of previously sent campaigns that used the previous editor so I can properly write my subject line. 

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