Error in Universal Code on Sign-up forms

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Hi, I'm reporting an error in the Universal Code on the sign-up forms. The following line appears in the Universal Code: <script id="signupScript" src="//" async defer></script> The src file name is missing "http:" at the start. Without that, my web page is unable to find the script.
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Hello @cfsv.president,


Thank you so much for bringing this up to us. The default code is showing as expected, it's using a scheme relative URL which changes to http or https depending on the site that's accessing it. If you're having trouble finding the script, I recommend adding http: or https: before the two slashes in the code itself depending on what your website uses. The end <script> code would look like either of these:


<script id="signupScript" src="" async defer></script>


<script id="signupScript" src="" async defer></script>


Doing this should allow the script to load in your browser going forward.

Here is an external article with a little bit more information on the topic:

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