Event check in mobile app

The EventSpot check-in app has been removed! Why on earth was no announcement made and why on earth would you simply remove a product so many use? Now we have to go back to paper? Seriously!


Disappointed in communication and support, don't remove a feature again without comm first...


You need to remove links to the app if your going to eliminate it.



Regular Participant

So you have event management functionality but now you're asking us to set our events up in Eventbrite instead?! That is very confusing!! You really ought to remove the links that still to this day show in an event then!! 

I am another disappointed customer at the lack of check-in functionality now. We chose Constant Contact so that both email and event marketing are together, but now I have to separate and have two separate accounts?! Do I need to pay for Eventbrite on top of the package I already pay Constant Contact for, which by the way includes event management, which I'm now being told not to use? This makes no sense!

Seriously considering investigating my options now!!


Not a fan of Eventbrite.  Looks like we will be going a different direction with our online event needs. Would really like communication from CTCT to give a more detailed explanation of why we are still paying the same amount for a product that lacks the necessary tools to be effective!


We originally signed up with Constant Contact because of EventSpot and the ability to use the check-in app. We liked having event management and email marketing bundled together in the same product.


The EventSpot check-in app was a life saver at our events. With a couple iPads, we could check in attendees and that data would be synced to Constant Contact. No more worrying about paper check-in lists and then having to go back and manually enter that data into Constant Contact.


We rely on the tight integration of your EventSpot event management software and your Constant Contact email marketing software. This makes it easy to target specific groups of people -- those who have registered, those who have not registered, those who attended the event, those who registered but did not attend the event.


We are a fan of the product that Constant Contact developed and have no interest in migrating to Eventbrite. Please reconsider your stance on EventSpot, and please bring back the EventSpot check-in app.


Occasional Participant

There are a lot of competitors to Constant Contact out there. We have spent thousands on your company over the years, despite increasing frustration. Your EventSpot was the piece that kept us with you. Having it seamlessly integrated in one product worked well for us. Having two separate products to do one thing defeats the purpose. Guess it is truly time to migrate to a better (cheaper with better customer support and full functionality) product.




In today's world having to have your registrants "print" their tickets is not as efficient as the mobile check in app.  I would expect that having a mobile check in would be a priority as technology and convenience is the need.  Eventbrite is not something that we are a fan of as well.  Communication to this removal would have been nice.  We are having to go back to a manual check in process which is timely and very inefficient.  Please let me know if you plan on bringing the mobile app back!!!


So FRUSTRATING!  We use EventSpot one time a year for our annual event.  I signed up, as usual this year, having no communication about Check-In not being a function any longer.  I still see the mentions of it on your website despite previous posts and replies stating it would be removed.


Now our event starts tomorrow, and I cannot get everyone working at the front gate access to Check In.  475 guys will be arriving in the time span of 1 hour and we have no way to check them in!  


I will be requesting a credit of our fees as the solution is not as advertised any longer!

Occasional Participant

SAME PROBLEM, Kevin!  Our event it Friday (it's Monday) and I just learned this.  So sorry it's on such short notice for you.   This really stinks! 


PLEASE BRING THIS BACK! We have multiple events setup for 2019 and 2020 that are vital to this app! What alternatives are you offering in the interim? Also, if we have already have the older app installed, is it still able to be used?


While I am disappointed the Check In app is no longer available, a standard QR code scanner app that I downloaded from the App store works perfectly good with the printed registration QR code.  Once scanned you will need to log into CC online and it will show that the guest has been checked in, Press the X to go back to scanning.  Ideal? not really but does the job I suppose.

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