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The EventSpot check-in app has been removed! Why on earth was no announcement made and why on earth would you simply remove a product so many use? Now we have to go back to paper? Seriously!

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The majority of our attendees are CEOs of sponsoring firms who do not register themselves and usually do not have tickets to scan with a QR scanner, nor do we expect them to have to bring papers with them.  We are having to move to a new system.  We miss the Check In app.  Please bring it back.


I'm probably going to have to leave constant contact, not having the check in app, changes the value immensely.  Ugh, I've been a loyal customer...

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Just found out this morning (our event is beginning) that the Event Spot app is no longer available.  We have been LONG time customers of CC and rely on the check-in portion of Events for our 30 some events per year.  This is a terrible thing to force a customer to use a different product and the fact that we were not notified even makes this worse.


We will be looking at other platforms that have a seamless event process.  Sad.


Dear Constant Contact -- If you want to reduce the number of GBCW posts here, just provide clear instructions on what to do in the absence of the old check-in app. It's not enough to just say "use a QR scanner app" and walk away!!! Take some time to explain how that works. Better yet, create a formal Help page to explain it.


I mean, I didn't know that you wanted us to move to EventBrite. So I set up our event in CTCT like always. I can't change that now, less than two weeks before a sold-out event. I need to know how to cope with the situation I'm in right now. Telling me to use EventBrite is not helpful. Telling me why a QR scanner app can simply replace the old check-in app would be helpful.


I'm off to figure it out for myself, and will report back.

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Curious what alternatives to the poor Constant Contact/Eventbrite collaboration that other commenters on this thread have tried? I still see that they have not removed the links that refer to Event Spot... just thoroughly unprofessional!


This is unbelievable! We have been using check-in for years as we do 2 big events a year, now I find out the night before our event that we can’t check our ticket holders in. So disappointing!


Same problem here...our event starts in 4 hours. Smh. We'll definitely have to consider another application moving forward especially with their not being any advertisement or discount on product/service because of lack of functionality. So unfortunate and inconvenient.

I would like to suggest a Check-in App for the events sent through Constant Contact. It would be very convenient to check in people via a phone app at an event. Thanks!
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Well that solves the mystery. We have been looking at another event service, this just makes our decision that much easier. Frustrated that there was no announcement, no information on the website, zero mention of it all together. Astounded at that poor decision making process. 

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Anyone ever hear of Star Chapter?

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