Event check in mobile app

The EventSpot check-in app has been removed! Why on earth was no announcement made and why on earth would you simply remove a product so many use? Now we have to go back to paper? Seriously!


We need a mobile app check in. We pay almost $2K a year with 13K contacts. I cannot be bothered with winky workarounds. Please get your people on it?

Occasional Participant

I've been wondering why my check in app no longer works.  This is not right.  We pay a lot of money to you every year and this was the one thing that helped out our field guys who facilitate the meetings. 


I had no idea that the app was not downloadable anymore. I used it last month successfully but my phone died this weekend and I'm repopulating apps today only to find that EventSpot is not available? What?!!

Your support was never great for the event portion of your product, but this just tops the cake. 

I'll be looking for a new product to replace Constant Contact now after years of loyalty!!!


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We would like to express a need for Constant Contact to provide an event check-in app. How many more people need to express interest for this to happen? With COVID, contact-free check in is a must and Constant Contact can be provide this as an option.


If you leave your events function as is, it is incomplete without the check-in app and outdated in its system.


This will help us as we not only host events for families, but we also provide food for the community and register them so that we can provide case management follow up.

Our process to train volunteers now is clunky, complicated, and we have to provide our organization log in access which is a security issue.

Occasional Participant

Ridiculous that the check-in app is gone! Also - no suggestion from Constant Contact what APP or SOLUTION should be used to compensate for the big functional loss.


Also a long-time CC user who relies on the Event platform for many meetings (we are a nonprofit). Disappointed the check-in option has been removed as it made our on-site meeting registration so much easier. I hope CC will reconsider relying on Eventbrite for meetings. 

Thank you. 

Regular Participant

Undersstand that due to the past year of COVID that CC is relooking at the Event platform and building on it. That you are o longer going to direct people to EventBrite, but instead return and BUILD up the event product. I REALLY hope this includes some type of check-in functionality. 

Also you promote custom designs for emails. If a client does that....they should be able to attach/use that design within events to promote those events. 


Regular Participant

Can you please bring back an app to allow for check-in at events. Understand that you dropped this because you thought you were going to be doing away with supporting events. But the last year/COVID changed things. 


That means, for events....having the ability to easily check people in is VERY IMPORTANT. You had this, update it to work with the new system and bring it back!

Regular Participant

following and hoping that you make this a priority.

Regular Participant

I used the codes and tickets for my event and now I find out there is no way to scan at check in.   What is everyone else doing?



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