[Events 2.0] Include conditional/automated promo codes

I built a 3 day event in the new version.  Each day has a charge and you can sign up for each day as stand alone lecture. But if the customer signs up for 2 days, they get the 3rd day free.  I cannot figure out a way to define the promo code to only work if they spend x amount first.  I am finding that I have to manually sign them up for the 3rd day but now I cannot zero out the charge.  This will mess up my event accounting.  Thanks.

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Hi @CaroleF. At this time, promo codes do not have the ability to be conditional (such as in this case where a discount would be automatically applied). I looked at your event and saw the option for selecting a specific ticket for a reduced price when attending multiple days. This would be one workaround or you could create a promo code for x amount which they would need to select at checkout. However, if they don't apply the discount, they would need to re-register so I think the way you have it set up now is best.


I'll open this feature request up for including conditional ticketing in the Event tool.

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