[Events 2.0] Notifications When Someone Registers

In Legacy events there was an option to send the organizer an email when someone registers for the event. I'm not seeing that option in Events 2.0 - can that option be added back??? Thank you!

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When is this going to be working? A date, not - we will put it in the  idea list.


You offer event management. A basic feature is to notify the vendor of someone signing up for an event. Basic event management. Not a high end request. Basic functionality.


You told us the old platform was  going away January 1. So we setup events using the  new platform to find out basic functionality is not in it. Now extend the old platform until March 2024. Yet were already setup with the new platform .

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I am actually pretty shocked that we don't get some sort of notification when someone registers! It is SUCH a pain to have to go into the event to get this information.

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I am stunned. The home page with all your events on the old platform listed how many signups you had for each event. You also received and email when  a customer registered. I have 14 events. Today someone signed up 2 people. No email notification. Just an email that John Doe paid $XX amount. I had to burrow down and find which event it was in my home page. Took 20 minutes. This is going back  in time. The old platform showed it. The old platform sent an email when someone registered. Who brings out  a new platform with  less features than the old? And when customers put it on the forum, they firm writes back they put it in the idea list for the developers...


Receiving notification is extremely important! I felt forced into using the Beta version for our upcoming event and now to learn it does not offer this important feature. This is very disappointing.


The new Events 2.0 has potential but my clients are not happy about the registrant or the organizer not receiving email notifications for their order. 

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It is not good. The old platform did it for 15+ years. The new one does not. We keep getting told - there working on it. Or - they have moved the suggestion to future ideas. Why does an old feature not get implemented in a new platform? This is not good. Who puts out a event management system that does not notify you when someone signs up for qn event?


In the past/Legacy Event, there is an option to "Send me an email whenever someone registers for this event". This is critically important to us and it looks like that has been removed for the new Events campaigns. We can't stress enough how much we use this function and will be incredibly inconvenienced if that's removed.


Please add this back into the Event build.

Thank you,


I just want to receive the email notification that someone has registered, like it used to.  There was a question when you made each eventin Constant Contact.  Do you want to receive an email when someone registers?  Click yes.  Then we would get a copy of every order confirmation.  That was a huge part of my coordinators' flow of information to ensure everything was entered and triple checked before event day.  

I use this platform to sell my vendor spaces, not patron entry tickets into the events.    Does anyone have a better way of selling vendor spaces without someone like Constant Contact trying to take a platform fee on top of processing?  If that's the case, I might as well sell my vendor spaces in Eventbrite instead.   I've seen other promoters just set up a jot form on their website.  But I do like to automate the payment as much as possible. 


Please add back the email notification when someone registers for an event in your Beta Application.  The old Confirmation Page was perfect and our vendors appreciated that we each received the same confirmation.  So many mistakes can be made now with this simple feature not being activated.


I want to echo what everyone has said here -- why are we not getting confirmation emails when someone registers for an event? We used to get an email that would show their information and the choices they made while registering, which would allow us to follow up right away. This seems like a no-brainer to me to include. 

Having to take the extra steps to log in and find that information is extraordinarily inconvenient.


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