[Events 2.0] Show event time / registrants on campaigns page, display public list of registrants

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Events 2.0 Beta does not include “Look Who Else is Registered!” on the registration page as in Legacy Events...




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We're updating the status of this Idea grouping to reflect changes currently implemented.


Events now display the number of days until their start date and number of registrants on the overall Campaigns page, as well as the Events-specific Campaigns page.


At this time the ability for other registrants to view who has opted into displaying their registration has not been implemented.

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Catlin: That would be ideal. If nothing else, the actual number of registrants under Marketing > Events should match up with the number of registrants as shown under Event Overview - Tickets or Reporting - Tickets. The number of individual tickets or link to the Reporting > Inventory page would be helpful and eliminate a few clicks.

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@Caitlin_M, the same wording would be nice. However, it's not the wording that's concerning, it's the number of registrants under Marketing > Events list that displays in error and does not match the actual number of registrants. 


Please bring back the list of attendees function when signing up for an event! Our constituents love to see who else is attending the event! 

Campaign Collaborator

I have asked this question before and the feature was available prior to going to 2.0.   The event registration page would show the names of those that have registered already.  It was a great feature.  When will it return?

Campaign Collaborator

The feature was "Add option to see other registrants when registering"

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