Expanded Global Colors

A couple of things: 1. Give the option to change the color of the links in the "global" colors tab 2. On the insert email link, give the option (like is available in the regular editor) to put in a subject line and some text. Makes it easier for someone to email what they're interested in.


Me too!!! It takes me much too long to constantly have to keep going back & checking to make sure I have the right font in every text box!


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It would be super-great if fonts used/selected in the past were easier to snag again...
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Please consider  putting an eye dropper tool in the close background and email window background areas. Then we could open the color setting window, click the eyedropper and click the area of a color grphic to instantly set it.


If you will not do that, PLEASE tke the # charcter out of the field where I would paste the hex color code from the awesome Mac app called DigitalColor Meter. It provides the # and that makes the color after a paste ##aabbcc which is wrong. 


Best wishes,

Sherman Barry

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I can at least speak to #3 as it's something I noticed - it depends on the template... I guess based on the intended design, certain templates will put your 'header' image flush to the top - some won't. Though I've never found CC to be incredibly flexible when dealing with layout - especially now that you can't access the HTML when creating a new email with the new interface... hope that helps at least. 


Me too. It's stupid not to be able to specify a default font -- especially because your default gray font is horribly hard for a lot of folks to read and it's really annoying to have to constantly change it to black whenever I insert a new text box.....


I would love to be able to use my own web fonts that my clients are use to seeing in other communications.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

I'm happy to announce that this feature has now been implemented!


NOTE: To use this feature, you will just need to create a new template.

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