Extra step when editing link for text or image

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In the old editor, when I clicked "Link" then "Edit" on text or an image with an existing link, it would bring up the "Insert Link" box. In this box, all the text in the "Link URL" field was highlighted, allowing me to immediately paste a new link into the space. With the new editor, the cursor still defaults to the "Link URL" box, but it is not highlighted, so there's an extra step to highlight the text in order to replace it. I find myself missing this step often, because I am so used to the field text already being highlighted.


This issue was brought up once before, but the original poster didn't respond to any clarifying questions and the thread was closed:



Hi @Aldercoop


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. We have taken a look at your most recent campaign and was able to edit an existing URL link by clicking on the linked text > the link icon in the formatting toolbar > edit. Our updated cross platform editor does not actually require you to highlight and select the linked text in order to make updates. Are you able to edit your links following these steps as well?

Status changed to: Gathering Information

Hi Frankie,


Here's what I see in my editor. I am using google chrome V.107.0.5304.107 on windows 11






In the prior editor, the Link URL field would be highlighted. If I start typing without highlighting the text, it just appends it to the end of the existing link.


This is not a major issue, just an extra step I'm not used to


Hi @Aldercoop


Thanks for the details on this request! For now, we are going to leave this post in our new Gathering Information status and encourage other users to vote or comment for this idea if this feature would be useful to them as well.

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