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The improvements to the search feature you just released are great but you took away the ability to use the drop downs (Campaigns, Status, Search Relevance and Folders) after you have your search results.


Support told me that "this would be a great feature to add".  I believe that this is a necessary function to be a complete search feature.  Now I can find things with the search that I could not find before, but I cannot qualify the search, which WAS available when the search did not work correctly.  This causes me to scroll down to find the newest emails that I would like to reuse.  Legacy emails always seem to come up first. 

why can't i do any other search besides keyword? why can't i list search results by date? why can't i search text in subject line only? why can't i limit search by which lists it was sent to? why does the "most relevant" search results consistently bring up less-than-relevant results? Please fix this.

Hello @StMarksCathedral ,


We apologize that the search functionality doesn't have the level of filtering and sorting you're needing at this time. Thank you for the feedback regarding the campaign search functionality. We've submitted your case with the associated feature requests attached, to the engineers for further review. If and when there's an update regarding these search functionalities for the My Campaigns screen, they'll notify you direclty. 

Campaign Collaborator

This is an old thread, but as far as I can see, the resolution is to turn off the sort feature? The sort button is greyed out when I search my campaigns. The results are displayed in a random order and I can't sort at all.


Hi @CameronL 


At this time being able to search campaigns by a keyword and then sort the search results is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. Because of this we have merged your post from the original defect thread you commented on to the correct feature request thread.

Campaign Collaborator

It is very frustrating that we can no longer filter / sort search results. Please fix!

Thank you

Marketing Legend


I would like to also request the ability to sort your search results.


For example, I just did a search for "Marketing" which I literally just sent out a campaign about 45 minutes ago with this word in the title... My search results show campaigns from last year (and 2015!!) at the top and I am unable to change the sorting order. Not helpful. Please fix.


Search results:




List of campaigns without search:



Thank you.

Marketing Expert

Best of luck on this one - has been in the requested "fix or feature" since the last upgrade...:(

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi all. We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. It was in a Coming Soon status, but we want to be more transparent about its status at this time.


We haven't included any other kinds of filters or sorting abilities after searching for a campaign and can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release. If we are able to provide any updates or a timeframe of when we expect the filters to be updated, we'll share them here.

Campaign Collaborator

The campaign search function needs improvement. It is impossible now to sort search results by date after I've already searched by term, and the results themselves do not display in chronological order. For example, when I search my campaigns for "open house," I get a lot of results in no particular order--campaigns from 2014 are likely to appear above a campaign for 2017, for example. Recent campaigns are buried. And then I am unable to sort these results by date--there is no method to do so. I know about the calendar display feature, but that it only helpful if I have a sense of when a particular campaign was sent. Likewise, there is no way to search by a keyword in the calendar display. The campaign search is nearly useless. 


The sort-by-date function being gone and 'Coming [back] Soon' (for more than a year, I think) is highly problematic. This can even be damaging to my business if I accidently 'copy' an obsolete mailer, thereby sending out on behalf of my client a factually erroneous mailer on the sale of, for instance, a multi-million dollar commercial real estate property. Classic example of 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. 

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