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The improvements to the search feature you just released are great but you took away the ability to use the drop downs (Campaigns, Status, Search Relevance and Folders) after you have your search results.


Support told me that "this would be a great feature to add".  I believe that this is a necessary function to be a complete search feature.  Now I can find things with the search that I could not find before, but I cannot qualify the search, which WAS available when the search did not work correctly.  This causes me to scroll down to find the newest emails that I would like to reuse.  Legacy emails always seem to come up first. 

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It is INSANE that this still hasn't been updated and fixed. How many complaints do you need over the years of this to get it fixed. I just brought this up to customer service for the 5th time and they told me they had previously flagged my account with this complaint. FIX IT. How many people need to ask you to fix it? It was there before and now it's not and people are unhappy. I just put in ANOTHER ticket about requesting the feature but this is just so not acceptable at all. This needs to be fixed. 


Agreed - it is a huge impediment not to be able to see search results chronologically sorted. Very often I'm just looking for the most recent campaign that used a certain phrase, and it's maddening when the first page of hits doesn't contain anything from the past year.

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I just want to add my name to the list of people impatiently waiting for the ability to sort search results chronologically. 


It's crazy that this wasn't available immediately. And it shouldn't be that hard. You can sort campaigns before you search. How hard to could it be to sort the search results?

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There are 33 comments on this thread but only 10 votes. To everyone on this thread, please click the original post to "cast your VOTE" for Constant Contact to pay attention to this feature request! 

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When I use search for emails is there a way to organize them by date?  I know their is calendar, but being able to have more control over searches will help.

Next, on search- can "Page [] of "_"" be added to top?  And add an express up button from bottom to get back to top without scrolling?  I know about keyboard shortcuts but still would like these options.

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