Force DESKTOP view on mobile devices.

First the facts:

1.) A large percentage of our potential Event Customers use mobile or small screen devices.

2.) Customers using small screen devices click on the Event link generated by CC, and they are then "dumped" directly into a registration page.

3.) Customers clicking the SAME link on a desktop computer arrive at the landing page where they can see all the information about the Event.

4.) Potential customers have COMPLAINED about being "dumped" directly into the registration page when they are using small screen devices.

5.) If one scrolls to the bottom of that registration page on a small screen device there is a link provided by CC for DESKTOP VIEW.

6.) The link at the page bottom is so small no one EVER gets there.


Since CC servers are already generating the DESKTOP VIEW link, can that link be made immediately available when I create a new event? When I have captured the DESKTOP VIEW link and substituted it for the normal Event link and used it in emails and on my site web page it works perfectly for everyone. Potential customers with small screen devices get directly onto my landing page. They NOW have the opportunity to review all the information about the Event so they then can decide whether they want to PURCHASE participation.


This seems like a very small thing for CC programmers to add. After all, the CC servers are already generating the DESKTOP VIEW link. The only thing that would need to be added would be a button or window from which I would be able grab the link for my Events.




CJ Henderson

Banded Living, LLC

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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