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I have noticed and confirmed on several occasions when the emails are sent, the screen which displays sent, opened, delivered etc. is incorrect.

It indicates that emails have been delivered when actually they were not.  My suggestion is that that number is made to confirm the exact amount delivered when they are.  Having it the way it is now makes us not know when our campaigns actually reach who we want them to.  So if we want to follow up with a telephone call for instance, the client in actuality has not even received the email yet.  I would like to see this somehow rectified to be more accurate.



Millie, secretary for Billy Cayce Account


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Hi @CEPublisher thanks for sharing this feedback with us! In cases where contacts that have not received but are marked as delivered, have these emails landed in their spam/junk folder? Are they all apart of the same email domain?

Campaign Contributor

they are not going to spam, they have received in past , it is justnot showing



Hi @CEPublisher. At this point, it would best if you called into our Support team so they can further troubleshoot. They will need additional information that we cannot discuss in a public area, such as examples of the email addresses that are not receiving the email and the name of the campaign so they can review the reporting. Here is a link to their phone numbers and hours of operation

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