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Giftworks Integration With Contacts

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GiftWorks integration has deleted all my lists in GiftWorks. So, CONSTANT CONTACT changed the view and how they organize the contacts and lists, yet, won't discuss with me? Passing me back to Giftworks without even checking on their end? BAD customer service!
Good luck to anyone else using this integration. I guess all your lists will disappear, too, and Constant Contact could care less, even though they are probably the ones responsible for this issue after their "update" to the way contacts are organized!

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Hi @Washington_County_Arts_Council thank you for sharing this feedback! While plugins can import contacts from an outside program into Constant Contact, it's important to point out this connection does not work the other way around. Constant Contact does not have the ability to import or remove contacts from an outside program. Because of this we recommend contacting this third-party program directly for any further assistance you may need.


Funny, that's the same thing I get from the "third party" people. Seems in 2020 no one wants to take responsibility nor help their customers. Just proves my point in the title of this thread.


I was unable to speak with someone and received the runaround on the online chat where no one could be of any assistance.

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