Go back to contact view when editing

When I'm working with contacts, sometimes I need to make changes to several contacts with the same last name. In the old contacts system there was a "back" option that would allow me to return to the previous search results...it would be nice to still be able to do that instead of having to search again once I've looked at a specific contact's screen.

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When I search for a person, after I finish editing, it takes me back to the beginning of the list. What if I am in the letter M or T. That is a lot of scrolling to get back to check what I edited. And speaking of scrolling, why do I have to exercise my index multiple times in order to get to a letter in the middle or end of the alphabet. Your should have a grid with all the letter at the top and bottom of the page so we can get to the names we want quickly.
When editing contacts, it would be great if when you click save on the contacts profile and then go back to the contacts page, if the contacts page would rest where you ended instead of defaulting back to the top of the page. Makes it time consuming to scroll down to find where you were. Thank you!
It would also be really helpful if every time you made an edit to a list (like deleting contact names), it didn't take you back to the beginning of the list. Also, if you didn't have to go one by one through the pages to get back to the page you were working on
When I am updating my Email lists...everytime I do an action (delete/remove from list) it always brings me to the top of the list instead of where I was. Then super annoying I have to scroll to the bottom of that page to navigate to where I was on the previous page(s). You need to fix this issue. It is a huge time waster.
Why does the contact page always go back to the first page while I am updating all contacts and I just need to go down the list, edit and save and move on. It is a waste of time.
On the Contact management page, when I press F5 to refresh the page and I am in one of my Email Lists, it refreshes the page and exists the Email list I am in and reverts to an all Contacts list. I would like it to remain in the designated Email List on the page I was viewing.
Periodically I go through my list to delete duplicate names with old email addresses. Unfortunately, if I am further into the alphabet, whenever I delete a name (say from the "F" rows), the refreshed page takes me back to the beginning of the alphabet at "A" rows. It would be better if the refreshed page came back to where I was working in the "F" rows, for example.
the contact list is way too hard to edit. when you delete one in the "M's" you end up back at the A's just too much work- can you make it go back to where you deleted--save a lot of time
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I am currently going through the contacts in my district's system to make sure all of the information listed is accurate. I would find it very helpful if the list did not go back to the A's every time I refreshed the page, especially since we have over 900 contacts.
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