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Your company needs to reconsider your "customer service" tactics. I was simply looking into Constant Contact yesterday to see if it would work for me. I decided that it wouldn't. I got a phone call just now from one of your "Marketing Consultants" who asked me very intrusive questions that I did not want to answer and when I was politely explaining why I wouldn't be using Constant Contact at this time HE HUNG UP ON ME! Unbelievable! To top it all of, I got a notification that this "consultant" had looked me up on LinkedIn before he made the phone call. So intrusive and weird. I will definitely not be using constant contact after this upsetting experience. At least MailChimp doesn't harass their users. I would like to cancel my account with Constant Contact but I don't see a way of doing so, which makes this all the more upsetting.
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Hi @McKenzieB403. I'm so sorry that this happened and that your experience with our Sales team ended in a negative way. I have forwarded your feedback from here and our conversation on Twitter to the correct teams. You will no longer be contacted by Sales and I will cancel your trial with us.  


It's completely unacceptable for a representative to be rude and intrusive during a call, let alone hang up on you. And it's even more concerning that they looked you up on LinkedIn without your consent. That's a huge invasion of privacy.


Hi @reidd55


Thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We apologize this has happened as it is definitely not the experience we want our users to have! We have however updated your contact preferences to stop any calls you may be receiving. We have also passed on this feedback to the appropriate teams on your behalf.

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