Have more than 10 users for multi-factor authentication

We are very unhappy about the MFA policy. We are a ski club, and we have more than 10 coaches that send out emails to their respective teams. We don't understand how we can continue to use Constant Contact for communication if our coaches can't sign in to write their emails. We don't all share a common office, so trying to share MFA details between people, with a shared login seems nearly impossible now. (And FYI, a little more notice would have been good. Now I'm scrambling to set up enough accounts so that coaches can communicate in the next few days.)

Allow us to add another phone number or remove the MFA login setting.

Please add my name to the "petition" against mandatory multifactor authentication.  If some people or businesses want it, that's fine.  Make it optional.  But a one size fits all approach just does not work for every company.  Business 101 is that you don't tell people how they have to use your service, you ask them how they want to use your service.  I don't think this was a well thought out decision.     

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We are extremely unhappy with this new feature as well!  Most of us are working remotely now, and as conference planners are often out of the office when accessing our account and this has made it very frustrating to do so and we are in the process of looking for a new service to replace Constant Contact for this reason.


Our company has been a Constant Contact customer for many years and we are looking elsewhere for a provider because of this new FORCED authentication. If my phone is not charged I cannot access our Constant Contact account, if I leave my phone at home, lose my phone, etc., I can't access our account. There needs to be an option to OPT out or add an email authentication in the case our phones are not available.


Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Thank you for the feedback. For Email Plus accounts you can now have an unlimited number of users. Email Basic accounts can now have up to 5 users.

every time other users log in they have to call me for SMS authentication code.I am the owner.You have not been replying to their feed back too. You insist on making them call. It is becoming impossible to remain as your user now. Please find a solution to this.
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We are also not happy with the multi[factor authentication requirement.  We have multiple users that send out emails and only my mobile phone as the 2FA source.  Highly inefficient.  What happens when I'm out on vacation???  Poor planning!

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