Have more than 10 users for multi-factor authentication

We are very unhappy about the MFA policy. We are a ski club, and we have more than 10 coaches that send out emails to their respective teams. We don't understand how we can continue to use Constant Contact for communication if our coaches can't sign in to write their emails. We don't all share a common office, so trying to share MFA details between people, with a shared login seems nearly impossible now. (And FYI, a little more notice would have been good. Now I'm scrambling to set up enough accounts so that coaches can communicate in the next few days.)

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Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We have tracked this request in our system and opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.


Also very unhappy about this development that we did not see coming and don't want. Why can't we opt-out? I'm already scoping MailChimp, that allows for MFA opt-out.


We are also unhappy with the Multi-Factor Authentication, as we have several different ministries within our church that send out emails daily. Please remove this as a requirement for login. It's hard to track down who's cell phone number is the selected MFA verification point.

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WOW, CS just hung up on me.


Trying to solve the probelm of getting access.


I have 5 different departments using CC. I cannot possibly input all of their personal (non company) phone numbers for SMS, They do not have company cells phones nor FB, nor Google account - FOR OUR SECURITY- and I as an admin, cannot loginto the accounts.

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The new mandatory MFA is making it difficult for our teams to connect with Constant Contact. As a city department that provides various services, we require multiple email categories. With a limit of only 10 user accounts, each user account has a team of 1-4 people who use a single account, making it impossible for our team members to connect with the new MFA rule.

Our company has been using CC for several years from multiple devices and users.  Having to use your call in authentification system, every time we use CC is absolutely inconvenient and counter productive.  It causes many interdepartmental calls about how to do this.  And, the time it takes to have everyone enter the phone number, some workers do not have personal extensions and it goes to our main switchboard, and we have to call the receptionist.  This is a horrible idea and a terrible inconvenience.  We are already looking for an alternative product!

We're in the same boat - our organization has always had a single login and the open email plan. But we have 7 who regularly use CC. For an extra $360/yr we can upgrade our plan. That's really hard to justify for no tangible additional benefit. is about to get our business, and we've been with CC since 2006. Unless they can find a way to grandfather us in and allow additional accounts, the MFA requirements are going to force our hand. 

We are also unhappy about the 2-factor authentication. We have multiple people that use Constant Contact and only have one phone number that gets contacted with the code is difficult at best! We need to disable the MFA or have an option of email for authentication.


Who thought it was a good idea to add two-factor authentication when the account maxes out at 10 users? This would make sense if you had an option where more than 10 accounts could be created. Looks like you didn't really think through this change. 

I would like to turn off the Multi-Factor authentication because multiple people from my company use this website to create marketing campaigns, but only one number can be on it so I have to send my coworkers the code every time they want to log in. Also, I'm doing this for an internship that is ending at the end of this month, so if I can't turn off the multi-factor authentication or change the number I will have to keep giving them the codes while I am at school and my other job.
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