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Have registrant take on event fee

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I want to edit the entire registration, not the Status and Personal Information only. To make changes to the other sections, I must cancel the current registration and register again. This is especially problematic, if they have paid by PayPal, and it is a lot extra work for the host.

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Hi @FSBHTiger what are the types of edits you're looking to make on the registration if it is not the status or personal information?


Reply from @FSBHTiger 

When someone has registered and needs to change method of payment, amount donated, items bought, size of items bought or anything other than personal info, I must cancel and create a new registration. But most annoying is neither CC or PayPal will help the seller recover the PayPal. PayPal used the add fees to the total. Now they deduct fees from the total. On simple registrations I add a fee but when there are multiple options to purchase, it is too difficult. PayPal could revert to adding the fees to customers total. CC could help by allowing me to create a variable charge based on total purchases. I do not understand why both of you neglect such an important issue for sellers.

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We have been a Constant Contact (CC) user for almost 20 years and have always been pleased until now. Our Straight OUTTA Quarantine was a success but despite the CC Event tool. We could not use reporting because it was easier to work from scratch somewhat correct errors in your data. When the data was accurate, it wasn't easy and time-consuming to create usable reports. We experienced technical issues that took days to resolve finally at Level two. A standing complaint is the inability to charge PayPal fees back to the customer instead of deducting the fees from the payment. I do not understand why you and PayPal chose to neglect this and burden the vendor. I also don't know why large organizations haven't asked or forced you or PP to fix this problem. Another time-consuming problem is making changes to registrants data. The registrant can only change personal details. If the registrant needs to change the order or items purchased or add guests, you must cancel and register again. Finally, when the Event is completed there is a link to email users, but not to the suggested survey. Instead I must use more time to determine how. I do not know if a better or more straightforward and user-friendly app is available, but I am looking for one before our next event.
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Hi @FSBHTiger thanks for following up with these details! We have tracked your request of being able to have payment fees be charged to the registrant of your event. We have also opened up this idea so other users can weigh in on having this ability as well.


As for allowing your registrant to update any of their stored information we do recommend sharing your request on this thread focused on allowing registrants to edit their registration. The more requests a thread receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

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An update to our Event tool includes the ability to pass platform fees onto a registrant.


We are not making any further updates to our current Event tool as work is being done on an updated event experience in a more advanced tool. While we do not have an update or timeline to share or can guarantee any kind of commitment on how we will be handling event registrations and payment options, we hope this indicates some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration while we are building out this tool.

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