Help, the "Copy Paste" Feature no longer works on the newsletters!

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Hello, the headlines say it all.  I updated my Apple computer to the new version so it could have someting to do with  that ALso, the curser is invisible which is really annoying, especially since I am already dealing with eye issues from being on the computer so much.  Please fix this, too. 


Otherwise, why would I not be able to copy paste something in the newsletter so I can move portions of it around?  If this is a Constant Contact issue, it needs to be fixed immediately!  Otherwise you have just added many hours onto my already too many hours I spend creating my newsletter every week.  Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi @Seraphim thanks for reaching out about your email campaign! We have not received reports from other users being unable to copy and paste into a campaign. What browser are you working in? Is this happening for you in a different browser or even a private/incognito window as well?

I am not liking the updates so far. I cannot copy/paste text and edit it appropriately for my needs. The "undo" is hard to find, the box with text, color, etc will NOT let me work on the text I dragged over from my email. Very frustrating so far.
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Hi everyone,


Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community. When copying an pasting from an outside source we always recommend users to remove any problematic formatting there may be before pasting into an email campaign. With that said, we haven't heard back from you so we are going to close this idea. This doesn't mean that we aren't listening to your feedback! If you would like to continue the conversation, please feel free to reply here in the Community or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see. 

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