How about allowing new images inserted to go full width like before?

It seems as though the new update to the page builder has changed its limitations on image width. On the eLatest document I send every week, the interface used to allow me to pull the inserted image the entire width of the doc. This week I added a new image at the top of my copied campaign but the interface held me back from pulling that image full width like the image insertions prior to your interface upgrade. 


Hi @KSegoria


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Are you unable to resize your image to be full size width even after removing the padding on your image? After taking a look at your most recent email we were able to resizing your image to be full size after removing the padding.

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Hi Frankie_P. As a quick refresher (since it's been years since I built this thing) could you tell steps to remove the padding? Thanks.


Hi @KSegoria


We'd be happy to help! Users can adjust the padding on an image by clicking anywhere on the image to open the toolbar, and then click the Horizontal padding or Vertical padding button to adjust the image padding. Here's an article from our Help Center Knowledgebase that goes over these steps as well.

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We're happy that we were able to assist you with adjusting your image size and removing the padding! If you require further assistance, please post on our Get Help board.

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