How many bugs are there in the contact management system that have not been disclosed?

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So, it's bad enough that the editor is full of unresolved bugs (e.g. pasting, format toolbar, etc).  It's bad enough that the image mgmt system doesn't work and images are charged against my quota even if I can't access them (also a known confirmed issue).  BUT TO DISCOVER UNDISCLOSED BUGS IN THE CONTACT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.  It is one thing when my employees quit because they can't deal with your platform anymore; it is entirely another level when I'm losing customers because you are not managing my contacts in the ways that you claim.  Among other things, I've had contacts continue to receive new email for days after unsubscribing.  I've had contacts receive my emails that are not even in my contacts for that send.  Your undisclosed bugs are now affecting my business, not just my human resources.  These kind of bugs are absolutely unacceptable.  I would ask when they will be fixed, but we all know that's just a pipe dream.  So let me ask this instead:  PLEASE LIST THE KNOWN BUGS IN THE CONTACT MGMT SYSTEM SO WE CAN PROTECT OUR BUSINESSES AND WORK AROUND THEM.  I'm sure you have very talented lawyers to write your TOS, but that still doesn't make this type of behavior acceptable. 


Hi @MonteH31


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us on your experience in your account. Based on the details you have provided, these defects appear to be account-specific issues and not widespread. Because of this we recommend contacting our support directly at these hours and numbers for further assistance. Our support team can provide live assistance with the unsubscribed contacts and other issues you are seeing.

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Wow!  You totally blew him off and didn't even answer the one question he asked, which I have to admit is a very good question.  HOW MANY KNOWN BUGS ARE THERE IN YOUR CONTACT MGMT SYSTEM?  I don't think that is an unreasonable question.  What are you hiding from all of us paying customers?  What risks are we being exposed to unwittingly?  Thanks for a prompt explanation.

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